The Establishment of the Ottoman Empire and the Economic-Social History of Yalova Symposium /July 27, 2022

In memory of the sixth anniversary of the passing of Prof. Dr. Halil İnalcık, a symposium titled “The Establishment of the Ottoman Empire and the Economic-Social History of Yalova” was organized through the collaboration of Yalova Special Administration, Yalova Municipality, Yalova University, and Halil İnalcık Ottoman History Research Institute. The event took place in the conference hall of Yalova Special Administration, with the participation of Governor Muammer Erol, local officials, and the public.

During the symposium, the first session featured presentations by Prof. Dr. Özer Ergenç on “The Ottoman Reality and Yalova,” Prof. Dr. Feridun Emecen on “Background of the Bafeus War: What Happened?” and Prof. Dr. Yusuf Oğuzoğlu on “The Historical Importance of the Victory of Osman Gazi on July 27, 1302, in Yalak-Ova (Bapheus).” The second session included presentations by Prof. Dr. Hatice Şahin on “Language and Literature in the Early Period of the Ottoman Empire,” Prof. Dr. Ersin Gülsoy on “The Entrance of the Yalova Region under Ottoman Rule and Its Situation in the 15th-16th Centuries,” Rear Admiral Metin Ataç, the 22nd Commander of the Naval Forces, on “Activities of Orhan Gazi and Kara Mürsel Alp on the Shores of Yalakova (Yalova),” and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Ceyhan on “Some Observations on the Properties of Yavuz Sultan Selim’s Foundation in Yalakabad.”

The symposium, which consisted of a total of five sessions, concluded with the presentation of gifts after various presentations on diverse topics.