Prof. Dr Halil Inalcık’s Legacy: From the Foundation of the Ottoman Empire to Republican Turkey International History Research Symposium

Since 2009, various symposiums and panels have been held in Yalova on 27 July, the anniversary of the Battle of Bapheus (Koyunhisar-Yalakova), in order to keep alive the academic legacy of Prof. Dr. Halil İnalcık and to contribute to historical research on the Ottoman and Republican periods. Halil İnalcık himself participated in the first two of these events. The aforementioned events are organised under the leadership of the Halil İnalcık Institute of Ottoman History Research, which was established after the first meeting in 2009, with the support of Yalova Governorship, Yalova Special Provincial Administration and Yalova Municipality.

This year’s event is envisaged to be held as an international symposium between 27-29 July 2024 in Yalova, which stands out with its cultural richness and natural beauties.

Deadline for Abstract Submission

28 February 2024


Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

04 March 2024

Deadline for Full Text Submission

15 June 2024


27-29 July 2024